Starfix Qatar's engineers and project management teams apply specialized engineering techniques and procedures to assure all systems for each project are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to operational requirements of our customers. Through our integrative commissioning management system we are capable of undertaking large scale, complex civil and industrial projects. Our technical and IT teams are experts at dealing with large volume and complex commissioning data, contributing to the delivery of optimal results and customer satisfaction.

To enable Starfix Qatar to achieve optimum results, we have a fully fledged in-house support department consisting of workshop, plant machinery & vehicle and warehouse. Our experience and the ability to adapt allows us to undertake numerous construction projects in varied industrial sectors and locations.



 Starfix Qatar's capabilities include expertise in the oil and gas facilities engineering works, for upstream, midstream, and downstream onshore facilities.

This includes but not limited to oil production well head facilities, flow lines, degassing stations, cross country pipelines, gas recovery systems, relief and flare systems, utilities, compressor stations, 3 phase separation, distillation columns, refinery and water treatment plants.

Starfix Qatar has extensive experience in Green Field, and Brown Field based engineering works. Expertise also extends to Brown Field expansions, Automation Upgrades, and other complicated facilities upgrades.



 Starfix Qatar has a fully qualified team of procurement engineers, officers, QA/QC engineers and logistic personnel with the expertise to deliver the right material at the right time for project execution.

Our procurement team meticulously and systematically identifies and quantifies procurement practices which are effective in delivering value-for-money services as well as identifying opportunities for improvement.


Shutdown Services

At Starfix Qatar, we pro-actively strive to avoid time and monetary delays resulting from poorly planned and executed maintenance shutdown tasks. Therefore, we pay meticulous attention to the scheduling and logistical side of shutdown.  Shutdown works include: 

  • Inspection / Testing
  • Vessel Cleaning / Pressure Hydro-Jetting Equipment
  • Valve Dismantling / Testing / Re-installation
  • Instrument Dismantling / Calibration / Re-installation
  • Repair of Concrete Foundations, Demolition of Redundant Foundations/Supports




Starfix Qatar performs specialist studies on a wide range of complex projects. These studies include:

  • Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)
  • Safety Integrity Level Study (SIL)
  • Qualitative Risk Assessments (QRA)
  • Environmental Impact Risk Assessment



 Trading division is the sales and marketing wing of the company where we represent international manufactures in the field of Electrical, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Building Hardware.

The products are handled by qualified and experienced sales team comprising of professional sales engineers and sales executives with the overall supervision of sales manager. We continuously diversify and expand the division to meet the market requirements.